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The local people in Cotacachi, the Quichua, are a very spiritual people and they really cherish their traditions. Most of the Quichua continue to dress in colorful, traditional garb and shamanic and healing rituals are still performed on a daily basis.

In Cotacachi you can have a Shaman cleanse your aura or mix you up a custom batch of medicine to help heal your ailments. But don’t be intimidated, for the Cotacachi locals are known to be very friendly and welcoming to expats, and you can expect to make a few new friends as they introduce you to life in their village.

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On the tour you will meet the makers of Ecuador products. Learn how they design and create ponchos, sweaters, leather products, shoes, tagua, jewelry, chocolates, wine, roses, honey. You’ll learn why you can buy products from Ecuador to export at remarkably lower prices.


Please reach out to Alberto at for pricing and tour scheduling.

The real estate broker Jeff Neal and his wife Linn are the absolute best and have been doing this job for years. They know their business. Not only will they provide a thorough look at local real estate in Equador, it is intended to be much more. Because real estate is only one of the many issues facing those considering relocating to a new city and country, the tour is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to the city and surrounding area, discussions about living in Equador as well as an in-depth look at real estate options.


If calling from the U.S. dial 011-593-959-559-638 to reach Jeff for pricing and tour scheduling.