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Land of the Sun Hotel and Spa

DSCN1052v2Land of the Sun Hotel and Spa is a famous Inn known throughout Ecuador among higher society and increasingly to the large number of foreign travelers exploring Ecuador as tourists or foreign retirees. This hotel is as central as can be in Cotacachi and less than 50 yards from the cathedral and the main town square. Renovated by the current owners, this unique Ecuadorian property is a boutique hotel with 15 bedrooms built around the large and very charming central patio surrounded by foliage, orchids and hanging geraniums. The patio offers outside dining under the multi colored umbrellas while on the occasional rainier day the spacious inside dining room hosts Ecuadorian and foreign diners. The hotel includes a reception lobby, office including night-watchman, inside and outside dining, spa with infrared sauna, seminar room, large professional kitchen. Although the hotel is listed with various booking agents, THE BEST PRICES OUR ONLY AVAILABLE IF BOOKED THROUGH THIS SITE.




Ecuador was established in 1534 at Quito on the site of an important Incan town of the same name. Another settlement was established four years later near the river Guayas in Guayaquil. Expeditions initiated by Francisco Pizarro, who discovered and occupied Peru, founded the settlements and extended Spanish rule over the highland basins and coastal lowlands. Ecuador was part of the Viceroyalty of Peru until 1740, when it was transferred to the Viceroyalty of New Granada (together with Colombia and Venezuela). With hardly any gold or silver, Ecuador did not draw many Europeans settlers throughout the Spanish colonial period, which lasted until 1822. Various dignitaries have recently stayed at Land of the Sun Hotel and Spa including President Correa and it has hosted the Ms. Ecuador pageant.