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Land of the Sun Hotel & Spa has a full professional kitchen capable of fixing all that is on the menu which also includes several vegetarian dishes.


Ecuadorian Cousine

The diversity of habitats and regions in Ecuador is reflected by this country’s varied and delicious cuisine. Fresh seafood in many forms awaits those who visit the Pacific coast. Recipes from the high Andes have been developed and refined for thousands of years. The rainforests of the Amazon provide ingredients for several dishes and drinks, and each Ecuadorian town seems to have its own take on widespread recipes. Although Ecuador has been overlooked as a food destination, these and other factors hint at why so many people look for Ecuadorian recipes after coming back from a trip to this exciting country.


Where do ingredients in Ecuadorian dishes come from?

The ingredients that go into Ecuadorian dishes are cultivated and farmed in many parts of the country. Potatoes, beef, various vegetables, and corn come from mountainous areas including cold, high elevation parts of the country. Seafood of course comes from the Pacific coast although Tilapia is farmed in the hot lowlands and trout is farmed in the highlands. Rice in Ecuador mostly comes from wet, flat areas near Guayaquil and other parts of the Pacific lowlands, and yuca is mostly cultivated in the Amazon and the humid, northwestern lowlands. Plantains and tropical fruits can be grown just about everywhere except in the high elevations.